From crystalline clarity, mesmerizing ripples, mirror-like reflections, to attractive qualities of waters, lakes are known for their beauty that capture the entire attention of their visitors. The world has millions of lakes from massive freshwater lakes to tiny grass lined ponds with others been mistaken with oceans. The locks, lagos, and lacs of the lakes stand out every time you visit. The lakes host a lot of different kinds of lives with their beauty evident in the surrounding areas and the creatures that live along these lakes. The following makes a list of top lakes that are breathtaking and a must go places for any person who wishes to enjoy this endowed beauty.

  • Lake Pichola, India

This is one of the chains of lakes in Udaipur in India where in the year 1559 Maharana Udai Singh chose to build his iconic city palace here which stands even to date. From the 14th century, this is a lake that keeps on attracting millions from all over the world. The lake is home to two islands which are now major tourist attractions in India. When you visit this lake, you will get the opportunity to visit the Jag Mandir Island Palace a place where in the ancient days there was held parties, and royal meals served.

  • Lake Nakuru Kenya

Welcome to a home of flamingoes. This is a highland lake which is shallow making it ideal for lake birds of all nature. But in larger numbers are the flamingos. Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya is one of the unforgettable sights of Africa. It’s the home to over a million resident pink flamingos. This is the lake with greatest number and spectacle birds in the world. Here you will enjoy the huge sky, and the alkaline lake experience filled up with vibrant pink birds. There are fancy resorts that are located along the lake that gives the visitor the comfort that they need as they enjoy this view. The water is crystal clear, and you will get a chance to take selfies with the flamingos.

  • Derwentwater, England

Located Cumbria countryside of England is Derwentwater lake that is known for its moody beauty. It’s a three-mile-long and cool crystal blue clear waters which are commonly known as the Lake District which is the also known to have been best playground during the summer for author Beatrix Potter. The season’s winds generate choppy waves of the lashing winds even as snow creates Bundt-cake-icing effects of the nearby hills. When you visit this lake, you will get the opportunity to stroll the path of Friar Craig for an amazing view of the mountains, lake and other many tiny islands.

The lakes can be an amazing place if you want to listen to birds and a place to do personal meditation. Most lakes have resorts along them where they offer services that can accommodate for everybody including the family.